Benefits Of HONOR MagicBook 14 2021


Many laptop alternatives exist on the market these days, and deciding which one is ideal might feel like you are traversing a minefield. It’s challenging to keep pace with all of the changes in their specs. The new models have a wide range of graphics capabilities, CPU speeds, RAM, and disk storage. Also, your laptop demands may be vastly different from those of another person, thus complicating the situation.

It might sometimes be challenging to achieve a high return on investment because new technology does not always imply more remarkable results. Conduct your research before getting intel i7 laptop to avoid these issues. Finding the ideal laptop can prevent you from making wrong decisions and obtain a device that you will enjoy using.

Everything you need to know about the Honor MagicBook 14

Honor’s Intel i7 core hardware is affordable has a great design and is packed with exceptional features.

The Honor brand knows quite well that first impressions matter, and at first glance, the company appears to have accomplished so much. Its Intel i7 core is a compact and light Windows 10 notebook with the comparable build quality and design to Huawei’s superb MateBook Pro X. Also, it has a full-metal design and a Full HD display.

Its specs are pretty suitable for anyone who loves exceptional features in their laptops. These days, this concept has been introduced to laptops where fingerprint reader buttons merge the idea of turning on the computer, booting up the machine, and signing in into a single procedure. For instance, it has a fingerprint reader for quick unlocking.

Fingerprint recognition is always a beneficial move for any personal device. The fingerprint scanner-turned-power button is also well-placed, swift, dependable, and more professional. In addition, it has a great processor and sufficient storage of 8GB of RAM, as well as 256GB for users who expect to have a lot of locally captured information, music, videos, or computer games that can’t be readily offloaded onto the internet.

Crucial Design and Features

Given all the high-end specifications, the Honor MagicBook pricing is quite appealing. So, what exactly are you purchasing with this low-cost computer? To start with, you’ll receive a well-built laptop that prioritizes portability. With an 84 per cent screen-to-body proportion, it boasts exceptionally small 4.8mm display bezels as one of its significant factors.

It also weighs just 1.38kg, convenient to carry about all day without causing shoulder pain. It also looks good, with a smooth, sleek metal covering all of the interiors and a blue metallic line along the lid’s top to tie everything together.

Honor’s MagicBook aluminum alloy body has been preserved, making it a reasonably sturdy machine which can serve you for a long time. This isn’t a bargain-basement laptop since it is a full-featured luxury portable device at a lower price.

The Honor brand realizes that not everyone appreciates the keyboard’s sound clicking repeatedly. For this reason, their keyboard gets extra points for being positive, well-damped, and silent, allowing you to focus on playing video games or typing without getting annoyed. It’s also roomy, with no oddities in the design and consistent two-stage lighting to allow you to work even without any lights in a room.

The Honor MagicBook 14 has plenty of processing power to handle most ordinary computing chores, and it can even run moderately demanding games. Even the battery life is superb, allowing you to work productively for more than 10 hours without having to worry about it shutting off abruptly.

Also, its DC dimming provides eye relaxation even when you use it for more than 12 hours. Its eye comfort settings work by reducing blue light emission, which decreases digital visual fatigue. Overall, this is a laptop that you should consider purchasing for all of your daily work.


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